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Result Overview Q3 2021
Result Overview Q3 2021

Organic sales higher than 2019 for two consecutive quarters
GM at Q3 record level of 39.6% due to strategic shift to more profitable channels,
customers and product mix

Result Overview Q3 2021

Result Overview Q2 2021

Business fundamentals continue to strengthen
across all business segments

Result Overview Q1 2021

Business fundamentals continue to improve with strength in Digital,
European brands, Mass Channel, Delta Israel and our PJ categories

Result Overview FY 2020

Our cash flow is strong and cash balance is $231.7M
Inventory is down by $50.8M year over year

Result Overview Q3 2020

Net Income Increased 39% to $19.5 Million, Gross Margin Increased by 4%, Highest Third Quarter EBIT Margin in More Than a Decade

Result Overview Q2 2020

Sales were $270.9 million, a decrease of 27% from $373.9 million reported in the second quarter of 2019, Net loss was $53.3 million, including the restructuring charge noted, compared to net income of $5.1 million last year.

Result Overview Q1 2020

Took Early and Effective Measures to Mitigate Adverse Impact of Covid-19 ,Improved Operating Cash Flow Double Digit Growth in E-commerce Sales

Result Overview FY 2019

Full year sales Increased 13% to All-Time High of $1,690.2 Million; EBITDA Increased 51% to Record $195.6 Million; Cash Flow Significantly Increased to $155 Million

Result Overview Q3 2019

Sales Increased 20% to $446 Million; Organic Sales in Original Currency Increased 6%; Operating Cash Flow Improved to $11.2 Million; BOGART Acquisition Completed Successfully

Result Overview Q2 2019

Concluded the Quarter With Sales Increase Of 10% To $374 M and Ebit Increase Of 13% To $17 M

Bogart Analyst Presentation

Bogart is a leader in the design, development and manufacturing
of lingerie & swimwear

Result Overview FY 2018

Sales Increased 10% to All-Time High $1,498.4 Million; EBITDA Increased 12% to Record $129.8 Million

Result Overview Q3 2018

Sales Increased 9% to $370.8 Million; EBITDA Increased 13% to $35.3 Million

Result Overview Q2 2018

Net Income was $6.5 Million, or $0.25 per share, Including Acquisition Costs Net Income Before One-Time Items Increased 2% to $9.1 Million;

Result Overview Q1 2018

Delta Galil reporting good results for Q1; Operating Profit Increased 37% to $14 Million, Sales increased 6% and reached $334.5 Million

Result Overview FY 2017

Another record year for Delta Galil in 2017 Sales increased by 16% TO $1.37B; Net Income Increased By 7% To $51m; Eps Increased By 7% To $1.98; EBITDA Increased By 8% To $116m;

Result Overview Q3 2017

Reaffirms 2017 Guidance; Sales Expected to Reach $1,330 Million-$1,370 Million and Full-Year EPS Expected to Reach $1.95-$2.02

Result Overview Q2 2017

Sales Increased 36% to $340.5 Million; Operating Profit Increased 31% to $17.7 Million Reaffirms 2017 Guidance; Sales Expected to Reach $1,330 Million-$1,370 Million and Full-Year EPS Expected to Reach $1.95-$2.02

Result Overview Q1 2017

Sales Increase 23% to $315.7 Million, Including Delta Premium Brands ; Operating Cash Flow for the Twelve Month Period Ending March 31, 2017 was $87 Million,

Result Overview FY 2016

Delta Galil reporting record results for 2016 with sales growing 31% to $376.3 million in the fourth quarter. Operating Profit Increased 24% to All-Time Record of $85.3 Million

Result Overview Q3 2016

Successfully completed acquisition Implemented phase one of the restructuring Sales growth in Europe and Israel, partially offset by weakness in the U.S. market Strong cash-flow – $ 76m during last 12 months Launching our new Vietnamese seamless and cut & sew factory $3.5m dividend for q3 and $10.5m for YTD 2016

Result Overview Q2 2016

Delta Galil reporting results for Q2 2016; Challenging retail environment in the U.S market continues to Q3 Improvement in all other business segments $3.5M Dividend declared for Q2 Completed shares buy back plan for $6.9M

Result Overview Q1 2016

Delta Galil Reports 2016 First Quarter Results Sales Rise to $256.7 Million; Net Income to Shareholders is $7.9 Million Reaffirms 2016 Guidance; Sales Expected to Reach $1,090 Million-$1,110 Million and Full-Year EPS Expected to Reach $1.93-$2.02

Result Overview FY 2015

Delta Galil continues to grow top line organically by 9% in original currency. Increase in same store sales in Germany (4.4%) and in Israel (5.7%) Strong operating cash-flow of 70M$ Successful acquisition of P.J.Salvage Successful integration of JV’s Headwinds from ex-rates fluctuations negatively impact the EBIT by 7.3M$

Result Overview Q3 2015

Delta Galil Reports Strong 2015 Third Quarter Results Quarterly Sales Increase 12% in Original Currency; Net Income before One-Time Items Attributed to Shareholders Rises 2%. Reiterating 2015 Earnings Guidance; Sales Expected to Reach $1,080 Million-$1,095 Million and Full-Year EPS Expected to Reach $1.88-2.00

Result Overview Q2 2015

Sales in original currency up 8%, reported sales up 3% to $255.5M. 8% growth in original currency. Operating profit decreased 7% to $14.5M

Result Overview Q1 2015

Sales Increase 13% in Original Currency Operating Income Rises 3% Compared to 2014 First Quarter, Reaffirms 2015 Guidance; Sales Expected to Reach $1,065 Million-$1,085 Million and full-Year EPS Expected to Reach $1.88-2.00