Our Values

Delta Galil is a multi-cultural, global corporation with strong social and environmental ideals. For decades, our focus has been on delivering quality apparel, while meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations – not only through the products they buy, but also by what these products represent.

We’re committed to creativity, innovation and growth, in a safe, healthy and supporting workplace; our corporate, social and environmental responsibilities aren’t seen as tasks, but as goals, and they are the foundation of our six core values:


Delta Spirit

Our winning attitude is our “secret sauce” – we believe that when you think like a winner and dare to dream big, you can make things happen. Delta Galil employees work with passion and commitment, adding value to everything they touch.


Growth Driven

Always striving for success, Delta Galil applauds employees that show a passion for personal, professional and business growth.


Inspired by Innovation

From the yarn and fabrics to the final product design, innovation is our way of life and what motivates us, it inspires us to constantly surprise and excite our customers by reinventing apparel and creating new products that break barriers within the market.



As the old saying goes, there’s no “I” in team; we’re strong believers in the power of a unified, diverse workforce that’s fully committed to working together towards a shared goal. Putting aside differences, accepting those who are different, sharing ideas, and operating as a unit is the true essence of Delta Galil.


Positive Mindset

When working on a global scale, positivity is key. So many things happen on a daily basis, that the secret to moving forward successfully is to always be prepared to accept any challenge and have the ability to see the potential good in anything that comes your way.



Honesty begins within – integrity, transparency and trust guide us in all that we do, among ourselves and towards our partners and customers.