Company profile

Growing Strong Since 1975

Delta Galil Industries has been manufacturing and marketing private label apparel for men, women and children for decades. Our secret to staying ahead of the game? We’ve turned years of experience into valuable knowledge. Anticipating dynamic industry changes, while delivering the right products and solutions, is what keeps Delta Galil, and our brands, relevant.

Body Before Fabric

Comfort, aesthetics and quality are the cornerstones of our philosophy. With over 40 years of traditional and uncompromised excellence in manufacturing, marketing and service, our leading technology, design and premium fabrics have earned us our place as a recognized leader in the global fashion industry.

All Eyes on Us

Designers and retailers from around the world rely on Delta Galil’s industry know-how and manufacturing solutions to help them introduce new trends in their growing markets. By offering a wide range of made-to-order products, from intimates, activewear and socks to kidswear & babywear, we’ve contributed to the success of some of the world’s most popular retailers, including Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Walmart, and Target to name but a few. We also hold several licensing deals, selling Delta Galil products under leading brand names, including CK Kids, Columbia, Wilson, Maidenform, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

Decades of Innovative Design

Since opening our first headquarters in Israel over 4 decades ago, Delta Galil now runs strategically located design, development and manufacturing centers around the world. The numbers speak for themselves: located in 4 continents, employing 23,000 associates, and working with over 50 industry-leading brands in the US, UK and Europe – Delta Galil has grown to be a globally recognized name. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, and of the multi-cultural corporate environment we’ve created; by building a culture based on the ‘Delta spirit’, diversity and equality, alongside quality and innovation, we aim to always be an example of leadership and progress within our immediate communities and our global industry.